Fresh Summer Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers


Nothing says summer more than biting into a fresh melon, or enjoying a delicious salad or sandwich with juicy tomatoes. We all know the best tasting fruits and vegetables are the ones that are allowed to ripen fully before they are picked by hand. They are the most flavorful, and they have the most vitamins. That’s why buying your fruits and vegetables from a local farmers like us, Steve and Lisa Pilz, is the best way to insure you’re getting fresh produce that hasn’t been sitting on a truck or ship while it ripens. Our seasonal fruits and vegetables truly go right from our hands to yours.

From late Spring until early Fall our gardens are teeming with melons, tomatoes, summer squash and other fresh fruits and vegetables just waiting to make their way to your table. We also have herbs like fresh basil to add even more flavor to your dishes. And no table would be complete without some beautiful, fresh flowers.


A Wide Selection of Summer Produce


You can buy our farm-fresh produce by appointment at our ranch, or at local farmers’ markets, festivals and fairs. Visit our Where to Buy page for locations and more information.